Waterfall Ridge Apartments

Waterfall Ridge Apartments

"Architecture is really about well-being. On the one hand it’s about shelter, but it also about pleasure."

Ideal for couples, young professionals and investors, Waterfall Ridge is conveniently located opposite the Mall of Africa and is easily accessible via highways and Gautrain bus routes. This low-maintenance, 2-bedroom, 2-bathrooom development features a contemporary, open-plan living space and two parking bays per unit. Gardens and a park complete the development.

In keeping with the developer’s brief, Urban Habitat predominantly used low-maintenance face brick. Although high-density apartment block architecture can often seem repetitive, use of plaster, paint and use of steel work break this building’s exterior façade. Advantageous use of the site’s step gradient allowed Urban Habitats to play with levels by ‘stepping’ the building’s blocks every second unit. This is further enhanced by the addition of differing roof design shapes and levels. Steel structures, attached to the façade, mirror the stepped roofing design and add an unusual slant to the building’s exterior.

The developer wanted to maximise the number of available units, thus each one is relatively small. However, each of the two bathrooms in these approximately 60 square meter units has natural ventilation through the creation of a deep service duct between each unit. In addition to ventilation, this duct allows for a serviceable area for the placement of geysers and other infrastructure, maximizing the available space.

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