House Adams

House Adams

“The details are not the details, they make the design”

With a south-to-north fall, House Adams required a dynamic and unusual approach to its architectural drawings. Moving the house to the edge of the property and connecting it to the garage via a covered walkway allowed for a northern orientation and continuous garden views.

Urban Habitat Architecture relished the challenge that this project provided. To ensure maximum northern exposures and stunning views over the landscaped garden, the architectural design called for a radical approach to House Adams’ placement. The barn-style house on the property’s edge is linked to the garage via a beautiful, covered walkway. Standing under walkway’s timber eaves allows for breath-taking views over the terraced garden. The slow walk to the house allows for a moment of quiet time to clear the head. House Adams has rooms surrounded by glass. Opening the sliding doors allows for cool breezes in summer and creates the sensation of always being outdoors. The upstairs area is bricked, but has deeply recessed windows bringing in the morning northern light. In keeping with the timber feel of the walkway, the upstairs bedroom windows have slatted screens which can be closed for additional privacy. With small rooms, the family can afford to furnish it lavishly despite budgetary restraints.


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