Hazeldean Valley Lifestyle Farm

Hazeldean Valley Lifestyle Farm

We were introduced to this family client through one of our developers, who has purchased large portions of the family’s land They are putting together a large urban design precinct on the land.  The family retained a portion of the land in the middle of this precinct, and we were tasked with assisting the family to activate the earning and growth potential of the site.

The site itself was a working diary fam more than 30 years ago and has the original farm buildings, although in ruin, adding a layer of nostalgia and intrigue.  The most impressive element of the farm is the cowshed which is a 200m long shed that the cows use to be fed in.  We went back to the family and proposed that we would produce a design that would unlock the earning potential of the farm by designing activities that would attract feet through the door but also attract investors and commercial partners.  As of June 2022, we have delivered on this promise and produced a master plan that has attracted a perfectly match partner who we are now investing with the first stage restaurant design.  The farm currently attracts a large volume of cyclists and runners and having the restaurant will be a good first step to activating the farm and its surroundings.  We look forward to seeing how the farm will grow.

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