Epping Road

Epping Road

“Life is architecture and architecture is the mirror of life”

Epping Road’s uniqueness stems from a few well-considered lines that combine to create a simple, timeless architecture. Its striking nature is all based on a slight shift of angles – a transcendence of the traditional A-frame structure – in this eight-unit, premium townhouse complex.

Composed of eight, individual double-level homes, Epping Road’s architecture is the essence of symmetry. A central, paved north-south roadway separates the stands and allows for effective mirroring of the architectural design on either side. These compact, yet luxurious, homes have been carefully designed so as to make maximum use of space and ensures each one is orientated for maximum north-facing exposure. The ground-floor level includes the lounge and dining areas that abut the stand’s southern boundary. The two living areas are cleverly linked by a glass-paneled walkway that can be opened out to blur the inside / outside dichotomy. To further emphasize the importance of community, one of the stands could be converted into a communal green space, boasting both a swimming pool and summerhouse. In addition, honest, simple materials such as painted brick and corrugated sheeting complement the clean lines of this contemporary A-frame-based complex.

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