EduInc Boutique School

EduInc Boutique School

This boutique school is currently located in two existing residential homes that have been converted into an education environment.  The initial brief from the client was for additional classroom space, but as part of our discovery session we realized that we could use the renovation as an opportunity to align the school’s philosophy with its brand identity.

We have reworked our idea of the office, it’s time to look at our schools.  The concept centres around the space between the two buildings where we designed a ‘link’ element that becomes the heart of the school for students to gather and for parents to engage with the school.  To accommodate the levels between the two buildings a large amphitheatre staircase that will become host for school assemblies and graduation evenings.  The challenge was to integrate the current architectural aesthetic with the new designed elements therefore the approach to this was to use the new buildings as architectural backdrops and to activate the in-between spaces.

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