How it all comes together

Project appraisal

The first stage of the process involves meeting your architect at the proposed site. An assessment of the site is conducted, which factors in your specific needs and design ideas. This information, together with details of the available budget, are then collated and developed into a fuller project program. We will then brief you on exactly what is required to fulfil the project plan, both timeously and within the constraints of the available budget. In order to successfully complete the project to the required standard, additional industry-specific contractors (such as quantity surveyors and engineers) may be appointed. Urban Habitat oversees any work that is sub-contracted and would remain your point of contact on the project.

Design concept & project viability

Next, we prepare a design concept in broad outlines. This includes space provisions, planning relationships, and the choice of materials and technical characteristics used. Once a basic design concept has been developed, we will then ensure that your proposed project conforms with land rights, your budget and the project program.

Design development

Once compliance is granted, the design concept is developed more fully. Construction materials and component details are clearly defined at this stage. The services and work of other specialists (if required) is incorporated and then the design is reviewed based on the costing of the appointed specialists.
Any interior design features that complement the architecture are included in this stage.

Technical documentation & procurement

The necessary documents are created for submission to the local council authorities. Once you have approved the documents they are submitted to the council for approval.


At this point, your architect will start to work closely with Urban Habitat Build. All building is overseen by qualified construction and project managers who ensure that all workmanship is of the highest quality and that the project is completed timeously. A certificate of practical completion is issued upon completion of the project.

Project close-out

Contracts are drawn up in relation to contract completion after the construction contract has been fulfilled. As a final step, you are provided with updated drawings, which reflect your project as it has been built. The last step is to furnish your home or workspace with the assistance of Urban Habitat Interior.

Interior design

In this final stage, the interior design aspects of your home are finalised and sourced. The first step in this stage is a comprehensive, informal consultation with our interior designer. During these meetings, you are encouraged to share your vision of your dream home. If possible, it is strongly suggested that you bring pictures and ideas with you. Based on this consultation, a general mood board is created and discussed, which highlights the look and feel described in the consultations. Once ideas have been finalized, a second, more specific set of mood boards is created. These provide details such as tile choices, paint colours, furniture pieces, and soft furnishings. Interior working drawings are created, which include the specifics of placing and installing all interior features. All materials are sourced or designed by our interior team. Prior to the arrival of the soft furnishings a cleaning service is contracted to ensure your new home is pristine and ready for the delivery of the final interior touches. Once your chosen interior items are in place – from heavy furniture to throws and pillows – we provide a staging service. We add small, final touches to give photographs of your new home a beauty worthy of publication in any glossy magazine.

Let’s work together