Urban Habitat has recently relocated to the beautiful grounds of The Campus office park in Bryanston. Our office space displays the full range of interior design possibility despite size constraints. In keeping with the edgy, non-traditional style of Urban Habitat, this compact space inspires both creativity and productivity.

“We work creatively with you from start to finish to realise your vision – as if it were our own.”

Despite the 54 m2 constraints of the existing office area, Urban Habitat has transformed it into an open-plan, vibey studio-type feel. With natural light streaming in through large windows, the spacious feeling belies the compact multi-purpose functionality of the space. Urban Habitat’s new home seats up to ten architects and designers, their full-sized printed project plans and then place for the office pot plant too. In addition, there is secret, hidden storage space and a meeting “room”, clearly separated by the clever use of levels and lighting. Placed on the raised, textured platform is a custom-made, steel standing meeting table that is offset by the bright walls and pop art posters. Minimalism never looked this good. The overall design is edgy, but still subtlety includes the traditional branding necessary in company work spaces on the walls and office door. The overhead lighting – dropped from the exposed industrial ceiling – is custom made to give the room sufficient light in all the right places for close work in pen and ink. Just as Urban Habitat creates your vision as if it were their own, their iconic use of lighting, both natural and artificial, is showcased in their own work environment. Use of different levels, lighting, texture and colour are immediately evident, which makes Urban Habitat’s office space the ultimate reflection of their unique approach to interior design – which flows through into their architectural and build portfolios. Find us at Wrigley Field building in The Campus and let’s talk architecture, interiors and build.

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