Urban Habitat Architecture, Build and Interiors joined forces to create a stylish pavilion for the Neilans – both inside and out.


Candle-lit dinners and dreamy nights in House Neilan’s classy new pavilion are the perfect way to unwind after a strenuous day’s work. In the cooler autumn months, the warmth of the slatted wood finishes and the comfortable couches invite quiet evenings filled with the scent of strong coffee and soft conversation.

The addition of this airy entertainment area lends itself to lazing in the sun, chilled lemonade and crisp summer breezes. Charming views over the garden during a sultry summer’s day are an ideal backdrop to relaxed family lunches. Alternatively, early morning swimming training in the pavilion’s adjoining, heated pool is an invigorating start to each day. With just a flick of the wrist the louvres can be angled, cutting the sun’s harsh glare and providing privacy for those more intimate of moments.

The elegance and textural richness of this room flows through into the next; seamlessly connecting this old-world, yet modern space to the original house. The adaptability of the pavilion’s design is remarkable: from dining to reclining this new extension to the Neilan’s property is the perfect place to create further family memories.

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