Here at Urban Habitat Interiors we offer so much more than just an interior decorating service. Our interior design work complements our clients’ architectural vision. Our Architectural and Interior Directors work closely during the planning stages to ensure that each interior space makes the best use of architectural features such as a northern orientation, passive lighting and ventilation. Our Interior team ensures that all fixtures are optimally placed through the creation of detailed interior working drawings. The final touches, those typically associated with interior decorating, are then completed. Our combination of interior design and decorating ensures that your home has a seamless elegance and beauty.

Urban Habitat Interior offers the following services:

  • Consultations on all aspects of interior design
  • Creation of detailed mood boards
  • Interior working drawings
  • Installation of core interiors
  • Sourcing and design of all soft furnishings
  • Cleaning service prior to arrival of loose furnishings
  • Staging


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