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Should I build – or buy to renovate?2022-05-17T17:11:22+02:00

A common dilemma among clients is whether it’s better to invest in a ‘fixer-upper’ or build from scratch. Given the potential costs of the wrong decision, here’s our advice on what to consider.

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What do architects actually do?2022-05-17T17:12:45+02:00

Ever wondered what exactly architects do? Learn what the role entails and just how much value we can add to a design, construction or interior design project – not to mention logistics, legal and technical help!

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Architecture and the Green Revolution2022-05-17T17:09:59+02:00

Sustainable design is close to our hearts – and informs our choice of materials, positioning, process and more. Understand what “going green” means when building the house, office or residential complex of your dreams.

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Why do architects charge what they do?2022-05-17T17:15:02+02:00

The value of a service comes down to expertise plus time, that is: the experience gained from years of study and practice, and the time spent working on a project. Learn what makes us experts and how we are worth our fees.

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What process do architects follow?2022-07-11T11:19:23+02:00

Wondering what an architecture design, build and interiors project entails? At Urban Habitat, we follow seven steps to conceptualise, create and beautify your home or workspace.

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