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Urban Habitat Architecture was founded by Jensen Björnstad in 2011 focusing purely on architectural design. The company has recently broadened its horizons and is now an agile, turnkey, architectural design, interior design and construction practice. We offer our clients a full range of services – from start to finish. From concept design through the construction phase and on to interiors, the Urban Habitat Group can realise your vision.

Although Urban Habitat provide a turnkey solution, we realise there are clients seeking solutions from only one of our sub-brands. Feel free to contact us for an architectural, build or interior-only project.

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Urban Habitat is a Level 4 BB-BEE rated company and is associated with the following professional bodies: South African Council for Architectural Professionals, National Home Builder’s Regulatory Council and Master Builders South Africa.

Meet the Directors

Jensen Björnstad | MArch (Prof)

 “As architects, we have the responsibility of enhancing a user’s experience of their built environment. It is a privilege to create and sculpt these experiences.”

Jensen Björnstad has that rare, creative spark which can realise a client’s dream home from a mere thought. With fresh ideas, absolute professionalism and enviable administrative prowess, Jensen is the powerhouse behind Urban Habitat and guides clients through the building process with enthusiasm and honesty. His comprehensive understanding of the practical side of construction is invaluable. On site, Jensen has a unique ability to merge architectural design with construction-based reality. He is a dynamic architect with vision, integrity and the highest of standards.

Rolf Björnstad | Bsc Hons Construction Economics & Project Management

“Start off right and you can’t go wrong.”

Construction is Rolf’s life. He spent his adolescence on construction sites with his father, absorbing a love of building and how to manage a building crew successfully and with compassion. Like his father, Rolf has exacting standards and follows his father’s edict that it takes as much work to get it right as to get it wrong. This team motto has influenced all of Rolf’s construction projects, resulting in building work of outstanding quality which allows Jensen’s architectural brilliance to become physically manifested. Together with his brother, Jensen, Rolf, his father and his crew provide a seamless, professional service from conceptualization through to practical site completion certificates.

Tamarin Kariolis | BA Interior & BTech Architecture

“Interior design is not just about paint samples and elegant fixtures. It is about the relationship between the designer and client.”

Tamarin’s bubbly personality infuses her work with warmth and light. She sensitively creates homely spaces which reflect the personality of her residential clients, who often have fixed perceptions and definitive views. Her insight into the client’s brief combined with refined taste and her love of textural elements produce a result that is original, while still in keeping with the client’s vision. Commercial and retail clients are often more adventurous in their briefs, which allows Tamarin’s flair for ‘elegance with a twist’ to shine. A combination of both residential and commercial clients permits Tamarin to combine original ideas and empathy in her interiors, depending on the needs of the client.

Meet the Team

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